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Quests and Exploration

Quests will be offered to you by NPCs that each have their own stories, or designed encounters when you get to certain places or meet specific conditions, which will slowly help you uncover the world of Treeverse.
If you’re more of a courageous adventurer, you can also traverse the mysterious lands on your own and discover side quests at your own pace.

Building and Forging

Create your dream house on your personal plot of land and open it up to all adventurers, or keep it private and invite your friends or guild members to come visit and hang out. Or rather, gather rare resources, forge unique weapons, and trade them with other adventurers. Will you be a landlord or a master of forgery? Both are extremely desirable in Arboros.

Meet the Team

Here is the team at Endless Clouds focused on developing Treeverse. Some of our team members have contributed to games like League of Legends, Rainbow 6 Siege, Horizon Zero Dawn, Dark Souls 3, Marvel Spiderman... and are now excited to build Treeverse!

Art Director

Funcy Li

Senior Technical Artist


Associate Art Director / Technical Artist

Sean Chang

Senior 3D Artist

Sharon Lin

Senior 3D Animator

Luke Chiang

Senior 3D Animator

Drake Wong

3D Animator

Jean Kuo

Senior 3D Artist

3D Artist


2D Concept Artist

Pinglung Lai

Concept Artist

Zhengxing Hu

Concept Artist

Qiao Chang

Concept Artist

Anson Chao

Senior VFX Artist

Senior Unity Developer

Neo Chen

Senior Unity Developer


Senior Unity Developer

Shen Huang

Senior Game Designer

Project Manager

Senior System Designer

Wunder Lee

Level Designer

Senior UI Designer

Doreen Chen

UI Lead

IT Recruiter

Feili Chen

Senior Unity Developer

Josephine Lu

Administration Executive



Development Updates

Monthly Update #1

Monthly Update #2

Monthly Update #3

Monthly Update #4

Monthly Update #5

Monthly Update #6

Monthly Update #7

Monthly Update #8

Monthly Update #9

Monthly Update #10

Monthly Update #11

Monthly Update #12

Monthly Update #13

Monthly Update #14

Monthly Update #15

Monthly Update #16

Monthly Update #17

Monthly Update #18

Monthly Update #19

What is Treeverse?

In the Arboros continent, you own the assets you spend time grinding for. 

Start your journey in the city of Elderwall that is protected by the World Tree and immerse yourself in this world of mythical creatures surrounded by Jovians and Sidhe. Forge unique weapons with primal energy and slay bosses to test your skills.

Treeverse is a top-down open-world classless MMORPG built for mobile with social features and an emphasis on cooperative gameplay.


Nftrees produce unique fruit depending on the traits of the tree. Once an Nftree is placed, holders can set a price inside the game for the fruits that the trees bear and other players can buy from them. Consuming fruits gives minor temporary buffs to players.

Plots can be placed inside of Treeverse and built upon. Design your exterior and interior and teleport to your home whenever you want. Holders can also choose to rent out their plots to other adventurers given they pay the price set by the landlord.

Timeless are unique anime characters that are purely cosmetic. Differentiate yourself from others with a clean badge and unique look. Timeless are CC0 and designed for multiple virtual worlds, including Treeverse.

Blurry Petals

Cooperate and Fight

If the thrill and excitement of combat is what you’re after, then you’ll find many places where you can battle mighty monsters on your own, or group up with your teammates against the more powerful foes.
Fight your way to become the strongest adventurer in Treeverse, and prepare yourself for any challengers that may come out of the dark.


Currently in development by Endless Clouds.

Is it F2P?

Yes, when Treeverse officially launches, it will be free to play!

Do I need a phone to play?

Treeverse is designed for mobile, but we plan to port to PC at official launch.

Will it be PVP?

We are starting with PVE first, and then plan to build a PVP system in the future if all goes well.

Will it be P2W?

We are limiting P2W as much as we can. Collectibles that can be purchased hardly affect gameplay.

When release?

We are planning to launch our Alpha at the end of the year with a proof-of-concept. Sign up to keep up to date with any updated timelines.

What are Collectibles?

Collectibles are NFTs on the blockchain. You own these assets and can trade them whenever you want.

Can I keep track of the game?

You can follow along our development updates that are released monthly, where you can keep track on what the team has been working on.

Any gameplay information?

To understand more about the gameplay of Treeverse, we will release a game guide in the future.


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